Norris Pooraka

Professional Salon and Spa's - We are in an industry that is proven to be resilient in tough economic times. We are in an industry of making people look and feel good. With lifestyles becoming so fast paced - serving people to make them feel and look good is in high demand and a great and rewarding industry to be involved in.

People need - time out, offer it to them in your salon whilst enhancing their appearance. Make their experience customized! Make it as easy and convenient as possible for them to make an appointment with you. With such a fast paced lifestyle for many, not everyone can make bookings in advance. A meeting is cancelled a luncheon is cancelled - make it easy and convenient for them to then use that time with you!

There are many ways to protect and increase your business in these tough times by knowing what your customers want and how you can serve them. We see many nail or beauty salon chains continuously busy - why? Convenience! Walk in - take a seat and we will make you feel and look good! Try and change your first impression of your shop front so clients walking buy feel that they can approach you - walk in, take a seat and you will make them look good! Let your customers know to feel free to try and call at the last minute to make a booking. Encourage your convenience to your clients!

How to ensure your customers look good! Use great products and keep up with industry education. Technology around us is moving so fast, as is the technology in manufacturing and application of products in our industry. A majority of salons can temporarily win clients by competing on price, not everyone can compete with quality and convenience. The products you use, your staff's education and application of beauty services will drive your business with solid growth. Don't offer what most salons offer - offer more and more business will come your way.

Norris Hair & Beauty Supplies we encourage, service and distribute throughout South Australia products that will offer you an edge in product performance. We also offer the education to teach you ways to create special treatments, new treatments and customized customer service to grow your business and better our industry.

We proudly support the Professional Salon Brands Catalogue. Professional Salon Brands have proven success around the world, and we are proud to offer them to our clients to encourage growth and success in Australia & New Zealand.